Representatives of BRICS countries discuss digital transformation and upgrading - 2022 BRICS New Industrial Revolution Partnership Forum Held in Xiamen, Fujian


"Brazil established a national digital transformation system in 2018 with the aim of continuously improving social productivity and competitiveness." On September 7, Brazilian Ambassador to China Gao Wang explained Brazil's digital transformation process through a video connection. On the morning of the same day, the 2022 BRICS New Industrial Revolution Partnership Forum opened in Xiamen, Fujian Province.


The theme of the forum was "Deepening the Partnership of the New Industrial Revolution and Promoting Common Sustainable Development". More than 300 people attended the forum, including representatives of some countries' embassies and consulates in China, relevant international organizations, well-known enterprises and industry associations. The forum conducted extensive and in-depth discussions on topics such as industrial digital transformation, industrial chain supply chain cooperation, and industrial sustainable development.

Xin Guobin, Vice Minister of the China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, put forward three suggestions at the forum on how to continue to strengthen pragmatic cooperation in the field of the new industrial revolution under the new situation: First, stick to solidarity and win-win cooperation, jointly grasp the development opportunities of the new industrial revolution, and focus on developing Cooperation in 5G, industrial Internet, big data, artificial intelligence, intelligent manufacturing and other fields to create a fair, just and non-discriminatory development environment; the second is to adhere to the balance of pioneering and innovative, inclusive benefits, and launch a series of work centering on improving the development capacity of information and communication. Cooperation projects such as talent training, policy exchanges, pilot demonstrations, etc., to jointly promote global sustainable development;The third is to adhere to openness, inclusiveness, co-construction and sharing, focus on key areas such as technology, rules, and standards, carry out institutional, systematic, and sustainable international exchanges and cooperation in the field of the new industrial revolution, and jointly create an international cooperation platform that benefits all parties.

In the process of digital transformation and upgrading in various countries, talents are the main driving force.Mogamat Mahdi Basadien, Minister Plenipotentiary of the South African Embassy in China, said that talent and talent development are regarded as the key drivers of manufacturing competitiveness, and South Africa has formulated a national digital skills strategy to meet the needs of the digital economy. South Africa looks forward to deepening cooperation and investment relations among BRICS partners to accelerate their respective economic and social development needs.

The forum established the launch of 8 major enabling platforms, including collaborative innovation of the industrial chain and supply chain of the BRICS Innovation Base, standard verification and innovative application in the digital field, and talent training. The establishment of the Industrial Innovation Alliance, and the unveiling of the Standards and Intellectual Property Service Center and the Industrial Innovation Center for Manufacturing Innovation Achievements were held.

During the forum, the finals of the BRICS Industrial Innovation Competition were held at the same time, which played an exemplary and leading role in BRICS industrial cooperation. In addition, 29 projects with a total investment of 18.1 billion yuan were signed at the forum.

The forum was co-hosted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Fujian Provincial People's Government, the Xiamen Municipal People's Government, and the Chinese Council of BRICS Think Tank Cooperation.

डिस्क्लेमर: यह लेख अन्य मीडिया से पुन: पेश किया गया है। रिप्रिंट करने का उद्देश्य अधिक जानकारी देना है। इसका मतलब यह नहीं है कि यह वेबसाइट अपने विचारों से सहमत है और इसकी प्रामाणिकता के लिए जिम्मेदार है, और कोई कानूनी जिम्मेदारी वहन नहीं करती है। इस साइट पर सभी संसाधन इंटरनेट पर एकत्र किए गए हैं। साझा करने का उद्देश्य केवल सभी के सीखने और संदर्भ के लिए है। यदि कॉपीराइट या बौद्धिक संपदा उल्लंघन है, तो कृपया हमें एक संदेश छोड़ दें।