If you like sports watches, you'll love this gorgeous Davis Elvin

08-24     AET REMOULD

The Y-generation prefers trendy and cool watches, better with technological materials to demonstrate their unique personality end taste. Light in weight, unique in texture, carbon fiber is definitely a hot star in recent years. Carbon fiber has caught my eyes on an exhibition, suitable for young watch fans who like fashion and sports style.



This watch comes from an Italian brand Davis Elvin, who focuses on sports fashion. ROMA collection is the first male collection by Davis Elvin. Super-large automatic mechanical movement, sophisticated and coolish dial, coupled with the stylish barrel-shaped case, I fall in love with it at the very first glance.




Carbon fiber is known for its light-weighted hard and anti-friction traits However, the performances of different types of carbon fiber are not all the same. The manufacturing processes will affect the hardness and texture as well. Davis Elvin uses TCLT carbon fiber to build watch cases, which is much lighter compared with traditional metal materials. Every stripe on the watch case are unparallel






Rubber straps are very common. Davis Elvin chooses a softer and more skin-friendly fluororubber strap, which has better anti-wearing and waterproof properties. The skeletonized design makes it more comfortable to wear.




Experimenting in bold design, Davis Elvin also adopts highly saturated colors such as red, orange, pink, etc. Eye-catching color and mechanical design complement each other and become the ROMA collection.




Davis Elvin's pioneering attitude has created its unique brand style. If you are thinking of buying a fashionable sports watch, why not have a try?

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