CTET Answer Key September 2015 | PRT, TGT Solution

CBSE CTET Answer Key of 20.09.2015 Exam with PRT, TGT Level Set Wise Solutions Sheet at www.ctet.nic.in

CBSE CTET September 2015 –

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has the responsibility to organize the CTET Exam fairly and smoothly.  CTET is conducted for two levels.  Level one is for the 1 to 5th class and Level two is for 6 to 8th classes.  This exam consists of 150 questions carrying 150 marks.  There is no negative marking.  A General Candidate has to get 90 marks out of 150 marks for qualifying it.  But SC/ OBC/ Physical Handicapped candidates have to get 83 marks out of 150 to qualify it.  But it is up to appointing authority whether they consider 83 marks as qualifying marks or not.

CTET Exam which was conducted on 20.09.2015 for both levels was an average exam.  There were some easy questions in the exam but at the same time some difficult questions were asked in both PRT and TGT Exam.  When the exam was over, the examinees were busy in matching their answers with one another.  They looked confused about some Questions.  Now the students are extremely excited and worried for the moment when C.B.S.E will upload official key to the exam.  It is expected that the official answer key with solution sheet will soon be uploaded in the Ist week of October.  After matching their answer with the official PRT/ TGT answer key, the examinees can be sure of their performance.  This 6,00,000 candidates appeared in the exam for both levels.

Let us soon how many students will pass the exam. Here we have key to some answers of PRT. You can telly it with your Question Booklet.

Child Development –

  • The Period of Infancy is from – birth to 2 years
  • According to Piaget, a child between 2 to 7 Years is in the Preoperational stage of cognitive development.
  • Development proceeds from general to specific
  • When adults adjust to the assistance they provide to facilitate progression of the child from current level of performance to potential level———, it is called : Scaffolding
  • The process of changing the existing scheme to include new information is called : Accommodation
  • In middle childhood, speech is more egocentric rather than socialized.
  • The Child centred education involves : hands on activities for kids.

Language – II (Hindi) PRT – Code – Q

  • Q. 121- (1)
  • Q. 122. (1)
  • Q. 123. (3)
  • Q. 124. (2)
  • Q. 125. (2)
  • Q. 126. (1)
  • Q. 127. (3)
  • Q. 128. (2)
  • Q. 129. (1)
  • Q. 130. (3)
  • Q. 131. (3)
  • Q. 132. (3)
  • Q.134. (4)
  • Q.135. (2)
  • Q. 136. (3)
  • Q.137. (3)
  • Q. 138.(1)
  • Q.139. (2)
  • Q. 140 (3)
  • Q. 141.(2)
  • Q.  142. (1)
  • Q.143. (1)
  • Q.144. (2)
  • Q.145. (4)
  • Q.146. (3)
  • Q.147. (2)
  • Q.148. (2)
  • Q. 149. (1)
  • Q. 150(1)

The candidates are advised that please keep in touch of this page for remaining answer key, which will be available after some gap.



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